Storing, managing, and checking

You want to purchase goods from multiple locations and send them all together; however, there is no place. You need a temporary storage until the shipment schedule is set.
Or, simply you do not have your storage.
Let us make a solution for you. We support your business as much as you desire for storing, managing, checking, coordinating a shipping date and so on.
Commodity management is our vital function as well. Not like ordinary freight companies, our service is a step above theirs. One by one, we do from checking number of item to inspection to repacking as your request.



WarehouseOwning the storage and equipment make nothing impossible
ForkliftWe can handle heavy goods
Loading DockOur warehouse comes with the loading dock, and thus any types of cargoes can be received. Furthermore, we can load cargoes into containers for ocean shipment
Truck & VanFrom a box to a pallet, we go to pick up your commodity in Los Angeles area
Partner Freight CompanyOutside our area, we apply our partnership with numerous freight companies to gather products


Reasons for choosing S&T CALIFORNIA EXPRESS!!


Reduce Shipping Costs

Well packing makes cut your shipping costs. We surely care of your products without any damages as well. For instance, your packages come 5 boxes and we make these into 2 boxes. Is it nice?

Inspect Products

No one want to receive wrong items/broken goods and do process of exchange/return. First thing we do is inspection. And thus, you will get right merchandise all the times.

Do More Than Usual

We take your requests of pick up, receiving, loading and so on. Please just let us know what you need us to do. We love to hear your inquiries.

Help Your Business

The management of warehouse take a lot of your time, and you may not focus on your business. We do on the warehouse side, and therefore you spend your time for your side.