Ocean Freight

The traditional method provides an opportunity to your business

Not only the air freight, we take care of ocean freight as well. Ocean freight is the best solution, if your cargo is tremendous quantity of oversize or overweight products. Also, a great amount of light weight items is apt of the ocean. We are here to enhance your business with ocean freight.
The Port of Long Beach, the second-busiest port in the U.S., is a vital part of US-Asian trade for a long time. By the north Pacific Ocean, over 90% trades from there is to East Asian countries, such as China, Japan, Hong Kong and so on.

Values of Ocean Freight


Choice of Volumes

You can choose either FCL or LCL shipping by your cargo size. Furthermore, there are two sizes of containers: 20 feet and 40 feet, and you of course can choose it on your demand.


Care of Your Cargo

With our Logistics service, all you have to do is make your order of goods deliver to us. After that, we do receiving, organizing and loading your cargo at our warehouse.


Combination with Air Freight

If you want to send a part of your cargo through the air and other part by the ocean, we can make an arrangement. Using both freights makes your business efficiency.


Effective Utilization of Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is the best way to handle various containers such as apparel, household goods, pet supplies, and etc. We can arrange shipment to designated ports worldwide.